The Tendant app is currently only available on Android and Apple Phones.

A browser version (Chrome, Safari and Firefox) is currently in development.

Tendant supports the following Devices and Operating Systems:

Android Android 6 (Marshmallow) and above

Apple iOS 11 and above
iPhones 5s, 6, 7, 8 and iPhone X, XR, XS

A Windows Mobile version of Tendant is not currently available.

Yes, in order to use Tendant you must allow access to your mobile phone contacts so Tendant can identify incoming chats, create new contacts, and allow you to start conversations.

iPhone users must allow access to both contacts and push notifications(for new message notifications)

Extra permissions may be required depending on which features you use. E.g. Telephone to make calls, SMS to send messages and Media to share photos and videos.

Paid subscribers get access to support from 9am-5pm EST Monday through Friday via live chat in the Tendant app. Email support is available to all subscribers 24/7 (excluding Holidays)

Subscriptions and Pricing

After purchasing a paid plan, subscribers get access to all plan related features and a set amount of credits. Subscribers can purchase additional credits when their plan credits expires or by setting their account to auto-recharge.

No, subscription credits expire at the end of the month

Yes, however they can only be used when a paid subscription is active.

All major credit cards are accepted. For multiple license accounts wire payments are accepted as well.

Subscriptions charges are charged approximately 30 days from the date of purchase on a monthly basis.

Subscribers can manually purchase add-on credits or set their account to automatically purchase add on credits when available credits run low. Automatic purchases receive a 10% discount!


Tendant will automatically add the new contact to your native phone book (if permissions are enabled)

No, all contacts created and captured with Tendant will be added to your native mobile phone book.

To ensure that the contact shows immediately, add contacts through Tendant and they will automatically update to your native phone book. Any contacts not added through Tendant require you to visit your people list and tap the refresh icon right next to the search field.

Currently Google limits each user to 25,000 contacts and Apple (iCloud) limits each account to 50,000 contacts. Please check with your provider as these numbers can increase over time.

Tendant Voice

Yes, you can record as many custom voicemail greetings as you wish.

Yes, you can delete individual voicemail messages, or delete multiple messages at once from within the call history section.

When you receive a new voicemail, you can view or listen to the voicemail from the call history section. Additionally, the transcribed voicemail along with a link to the original audio file will be added to the conversation with that contact.

On your mobile phone, locate and open the contact named “Tendant Deactivation” and follow the instructions in the notes.

If you cannot locate the contact or face any issues please contact Support.

*Voicemail cannot be removed from your Tendant Assigned Number

Tendant Marketing

Yes, you can forward your domain to your Digital Business Card URL. (Please make sure to use https:// when entering your URL at your domain provider.)

Yes, you can include an image with your Broadcast by tapping ‘Upload Image’ underneath the text box where you enter your message. Images are limited to 2mb in size.

Broadcasts allow you to deliver a personalized message to a list of contacts fast.

List members receive the personalized message via SMS text message (from your SMS Marketing Number), receive an invite to chat via email, or inside of the Tendant app (App to App).

The limit is currently set to 100 recipients per broadcast.

Tendant Messaging

Yes, group chat is available so you can chat with Tendant subscribers as well as non subscribers.

A Chat group is the group of people you want to chat with collectively. A Group Chat is the actual chat session where you chat with these people. We use this naming because you can send Broadcasts and Chatbots to chat groups.

You can use the Tendant app to chat with clients outside the US, but currently they will have to use the browser interface as they do not have access to the Tendant App.